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This blog is a general gathering en-masse, of journal entries, thoughts, anecdotes and ideas during my time in the Ambulance Service.  Clearly it is not intended to insult, offend, horrify, antagonise, bully or bring down in any way the very fragments of society as we know it. It is meant to be fun – nothing more . . . please take it that way.

It depicts the day to day events of life whilst in the Ambulance Service and attempts to focus on the curious yet oddly amusing anecdotes of the job and is written from the slightly unhinged imagination of one of its Paramedics – Binder.

I have described nothing but what I saw myself, or learned from others” – Thucydides, Peloponnesian War

I have just jazzed mine up a little” – Spike Milligan, World War II

As have I” – Binder Smiff, London Ambulance Service


I have worked in the ambulance service since 2009 and am now a fully qualified Paramenace.  I am currently based in East London as an FRU and thoroughly and almost over enthusiastically enjoy my job.

Writing is a fun thing to me and I try to keep things light hearted – I don’t see the necessity to over indulge in the seriousness of this line of work.  Its obvious things can get nasty in this job so there should be no need to over broadcast it.

In my spare time I enjoy climbing and getting out in the mountains whenever possible.  This is of course, after I’ve afforded my wife’s exuberant luxuries such as her insatiable desires for mink coats . . . or that strange white powder that she keeps leaving in lined heaps on mirrored surfaces everywhere.

Inspirational authors are obvious . . . Spike Milligan (of course) and W E Bowman who’s book, “The Ascent of Rumdoodle” is my personal favourite and the origin of my name – I believe.

I hope you enjoy the blogs as they come.  Most are gentle in nature and aim to be harmless – every now and then, I’m sure, it will touch on the more serious sides of things.  But please remember, it is a fun blog – nothing more.

As Spike Milligan said . . . I’ve just jazzed mine up a little.


A paramenace

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  1. I will definitely cannot missed this blog… looking forward to read the journey through inside the mind of this author as i know it 🙂

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