What’s the most awful thing you’ve seen?

There are common things that people always ask or say to ambulance crews.  Some of these are typically;

“I couldn’t do your job”
“I bet you’ve seen some terrible sights”
“What’s the most awful thing you’ve seen?”

These three statements are usually said in quick succession to each other with our response being to politely deflect away from the subject.  I’d say this is usually down to embarrassment – I mean, none of us want to start ranting to a stranger about being present the moment the bottom drops out of the world of a family who’ve just lost a loved one.

Still, I personally don’t mind any of these inquisitive moments.  Lets face facts, sometimes being spat at, punched, thrown up, pissed, shat and bled on is just not a fun job to be in but there are many many rewards . . . I’ll think of some soon I’m sure.

I was in the mess room the other day laughing hard to a colleague describing how another Paramenace on station would tackle these three points . . . it goes a little something like this;

Patient:               I could never do your job
Paramenace:     . . . really
Patient:               I bet you’ve seen some terrible sights though eh
Paramenace:     . . . I guess
Patient:               What’s the most awful thing you’ve seen?
Paramenace:     Two girls, one cup*


*personally, I’ve not seen it – but I damned as well know what it is.