Can we poke him with sticks?!

I was back home from a day shift and was eating some dinner.  Every mouthful however, was tainted by a distinct malodour that lingered stubbornly in the back of my nostrils and seemed hell bent on contaminating every lung full of air that I breathed.

This delightful fragrance was a bit like the smell that comes from a bin, whereby the fermented contents have broken through the liner and spilled all over the bottom – a long time ago.  And also a bit like rotting meat.

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Graduation day

A little while back I went to my ‘official’ graduation day.

This was the LAS’s way of putting closure to our long education process which saw us qualify as professional paramenaces.  However, it wasn’t only paramenaces that were there – no, there were also folk from A&E support graduating as well as Dispatch.  I believe there were approximately fifty or so graduates and each of those were allowed to bring a tight contingent of friends and family.  So, all in all it was quite a large turn out.

Put all of us inside a very posh building, close to Buckingham Palace, with quite a few senior official bods – all in full ceremonial dress – together with the Medical Director and Chief Executive and it made for quite an elaborate do – well, I thought so anyway.

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What about my ribs?

I appreciate this entry isn’t directly involved with the paramenacing world.  But it did involve a hospital and it did make me chuckle anyway.

I was sat in my local Hospital’s A&E waiting to be seen over a suspected cracked rib.  This time I was the patient and as such I attempted to blend in and hide as best as possible – especially whenever an ambulance crew came in (oh, the embarrassment).  In hind sight I think sitting nervously crossed legged whilst desperately trying to hide my features with a newspaper and hands – as the surrounding public slowly edged away from me as if I were about to explode – was not the most effective method of disguise.

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