One Under

When a job comes down as “One Under” it means that someone has either fallen or jumped under a moving train.  This tends to happen on the London Underground system more often than it does on the overground.  Sometimes the patient can be alive with no injuries (amazingly), sometimes they can have multiple and massive ones.  And sometimes they can be just plain proper dead . . . Continue reading


I attended my first ‘RVP’ a while back.  That means we ‘assisted’ the police in a raid.  And even though we were ultimately not required and saw absolutely no action, I did find it exciting.

The job doesn’t come down as much.  It simply requests for you to ‘RVP’ at a certain police station.  Once there you sit in on the briefing and then leave, en masse, to whatever it is that’s happening.

Our briefing wasn’t quite as I imagined it to be . . . Continue reading

Only in London

I’d say there are two types of ‘surreal’.  Large, blatant surreal and gentle surreal.  This entry was gentle surreal.

On an extremely busy city center street, a homeless paranoid schizophrenic patient sits outside a packed MacDonalds.  His back leans against the glass front window, his head rests inches away from the feet of customers scoffing away at their lunch time MacMeals. Continue reading

Update to circumstances

Apologies for huge delay in writing . . . the usual writers block mixed with a change of circumstances.

I’m now working on the car.  So, most of my posts from now on should be FRU related.  But I still have a back log of some jobs from working on the truck to put up.  This means there will be an overlap of some entries in the next couple weeks.

Obviously, Marvin, my crew mate of over a year, has been very upset by this change of circumstances.  Continue reading