On 3 yeh? 1. . . 2 and 3

Stepping away from working on the car yesterday, I was able to do a shift back on a truck with a woman I’ve known for a while now, Jules*.

Working on the car is very different from working on a truck – and vis versa.  Both Jules and I had to readjust accordingly.  Jules was driving and her “readjustment” showed throughout the day . . . but pretty soon she’d got back into the mad road-rage persona that every medic achieves whilst behind the wheel.  This meant I was attending, or “on the board” and had to talk to all the patients.  My god it was exhausting.  On the car, you often get there first, do whatever has to be done (usually not much), hand over to the ambulance crew and then bugger off.  Bish bash bosh – done.  So my readjustments were equally as tiring. Continue reading

A really bad day at the office

The girl stood in front of our patient in the hall way and stared, hypnotised as we did our job.  She must have been about sixteen.  Clutching at her legs were two other children aged possibly between four and six.  They too were staring – mouths agape, as only young ones do.  I caught the girl’s eye and tried to smile.

“You might want to take those kids away into another room my dear . . . they shouldn’t be seeing this eh”

Our patient lay sprawled out on their back, in a tight council flat hall way.  He was in cardiac arrest after suffering an asthma attack.  He was only nine years old. Continue reading

“Penis stuck in plastic container”

Yes.  You did read that correctly.

Marvin and I were practically on top of the address when we got “pinged” down this job on our .  It took us barely a second to recognise the address as being the one right next to us.  And, realising that we could (and probably would) be cancelled off this, due to it’s “non life threatening status”, we decided to bomb it round there as quickly as possible and press ourselves “red at scene” (can’t be cancelled).  I mean, how could you turn down an opportunity to deal with this! Continue reading

 “Mobile Data Terminal”. Sounds like it should be something mega technical but it isn’t.  It’s the on board computer screen that keeps us updated with our jobs.  It keeps track of all our times too.  This is important for keeping ORCON and keeping the government happy.


I was advised earlier not to apologise for the delay in getting a post up.  So I won’t.

However, I am back and hope to get posts published more regularly – again (ish).  It’s taken a wee while to adjust to the new role on the car (FRU) but now I’m in a better position to keep you all updated on the antics of day to day (and night to night) life as a paramenace working in London’s finest, and most unusually surreal Ambulance Service.

Stay tuned . . .