Do you think you hit an artery instead?

“Ok, mind out, sharps . . .”

A Tech 4 took the sharps needle from me and deposited it into my little sharps bin attached to my bag.

I’d blown the vein . . . which was annoying really, as it was huge, like a hose pipe.  So confident was I about getting it in I’d gone straight for a size 16 cannula – a big one.  But, our patient was suffering exacerbation of his and wasn’t in a particularly good way.  As such, he was sat in a tripod position desperately trying to force air both in and out of his lungs.  This, of course, made him highly agitated and was the sole cause for my failure in cannulating . . . well, that’s my excuse anyway. Continue reading

“Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”.  A generic term used for a long term illness associated with the lungs – eg, Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis etc.  Patients with COPD usually present with difficulty in breathing (DIB) and are a high percentage of our call-outs.  Smoking is a massive influence to this condition – I reckon if we could take the general public round with us sometimes to visit the folk who are COPD due to smoking, it would probably turn things around.

Hello, are you security?

Bank Holiday Mondays are notoriously qui-. . . . wait, I shouldn’t use the “Q” word hey.  Let me rephrase that . . . Bank Holiday Mondays are notorious for having ‘less jobs’.

I’m not entirely sure why this is.  Some think it’s because patients don’t have to call an ambulance to supply them with an excuse to stay off work – seeing as it’s already a national holiday.  Others reckon it’s simply because all our patient’s have buggered off on holiday.

Whatever the reason, the phenomenon remains . . . Continue reading