Resistence is futile

A two car high speed RTC had resulted in the usual smash up and mess.  But thankfully with very little injuries.  The perpetrators were drunk with the driver staggering forth from the wreckage claiming not to have been the driver.  Unfortunately, seeing as he did this in front of the police he was promptly “nicked” on the spot and hoicked away.

A typical mash up.  Sometimes you have to wonder how the hell the car ends up in the position it has!Pretty soon I had directed two ambulances (or palmed off . . . depending on your view) to deal with the injured – one from each vehicle.  The police had the entire area closed off and everything was going well . . . that is until were heard the rumble.

As one, everyone turned their heads to face up the road to see three London Fire Brigade trucks hurtling toward us.  Several officers shook their heads and cursed under their breaths.

“Uh oh . . . here comes the Borg” Continue reading

LFB vs Police . . . (and LAS)

In reality it’s not often we have problems with Trumpton and on the whole we have good relations with them . . . but . . . sometimes you just want to hit your head against a wall.  I’d hit their head against the wall but comparing the size and build of me to them – it would be a rather foolish thing to attempt.

London Fire Brigade . . . aka, Trumpton, Pet Rescue, Water Fairies, The Borg, Drip Stands etc etc . . . It was coming toward an end of a long night shift when down on the MDT came an odd job requesting Police and LAS assist LFB on scene.  The details were ambiguous to say the least . . . something to do with a possible “collapse behind closed doors”.  Of course, seeing as this had come from our ‘brethren’ I immediately thought it must be serious so raced round there . . . Continue reading

I’ll be joining you soon

We all have weaknesses in this job – something that might effect us more than something else.  For some it’s RTC’s for others it could be paediatrics.  Everyone is different.

For me, the thing which pulls the strings the most are old folk.  Especially old couples that, for example, have been married for donkey’s years and then one of them becomes seriously ill or dies.  It’s utterly gut wrenching to stand by and watch someone’s heart be torn in two as their ultimate best friend falls from their side . . .

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Are you the Ambulance?

These were the classic words uttered by the young man as soon as I stepped forth from my FRU car.  Lights still flashing.  High visibility jacket on with the LAS logo and title in perfect view . . . of the whole world.

“Are you the Ambulance?”

How obvious can it beIt’s not often I’m caught off guard without something to say but momentarily I was.  However, I rallied, with something not fantastic but at least non abusive and non insulting.

“Um . . . what gives it away?” Continue reading