Diesel Power

As the truck came to a halt outside the property I went to jump out the passenger side.  Unfortunately, my foot caught on the door . . . the result of which was a horizontal dive straight into a puddle below.

There was much mirth.  Even the woman waving at us from the front door shared a chuckle.  However, it should be noted at this point, it was the last time anything remotely funny happened on this job . . .

. . . clutching at her belly, shaking violently and moaning with the pain Continue reading

The Dentist?!

A twenty two year old having a stroke is highly unlikely . . . but not impossible I imagine.

However, forgive me for not feeling a surge of adrenaline when the job came down as “Red 2.  CVA.  Weak, numb, head pain”.  So, I brushed off the thousands of pistachio nut casings from my lap into the drivers well, put on my seat belt and sped off toward the job. Continue reading