Here’s my doodle . . .

I’m a day dreamer and a doodler.  Generally, any piece of paper placed in front of me will end up scrawled all over with a barrage of hieroglyphics, twiddles, cubes, spirals, calligraphy and occasionally – a picture.  An old friend from donkey years back still doesn’t talk to me ever since I inadvertently drew boobs and penises over his dad’s death certificate whilst at his funeral wake.  The speeches were a little dull.

I was on a course at work recently and the conversation was steered onto vehicle fires and what we should do.  Someone explained about a colleague who’d injured them self after removing the large O2 canisters from their burning truck and had subsequently got reprimanded for taking time off work.

“Well, it’s not your place or your job to remove the cylinders”
“What, you think we should just let them burn with the vehicle?!”
“You’re not trained . . . ”
“So, if the truck’s on fire, in the street, we should just let it blow up!?”
“Policy says . . . ”
“I’d let it burn . . . and roast some marshmallows”

This last bit caught my attention, and I wistfully started drifting into a dreamscape whereby my FRU was on fire and I’d decided to tackle it – the Ambulance Service style!  With marshmallows!

Here’s my doodle.

Binder becomes Trumpton!

If I had the inkling and skill I’d probably draw many of my blogs . . . offers welcome!

Apologies for no posts.  I have, believe it or not, been busy learning stuff.  More to come . . . honest!


2 thoughts on “Here’s my doodle . . .

  1. Great doodle Binder.

    The chance of a NWAS vehicle catching fire would be slim with all the rain we keep having in Cumbria!

    Now, a doodle of a sinking vehicle would be realistic………….


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