The first episode of this documentary came out last week.  I only got round to watching it after it had aired, as a friend contacted me saying they were currently watching it.

BBC One – Ambulance – documentary

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She’d sent me a Farcebook message saying (amongst other things) . . .

“You are an amazing person to do what you do x”

To which my response was automatic . . .

“I drink coffee from shift to shift”

And then, thinking she might perceive me as being slightly melodramatic I added . . .

“Has anyone died in it yet? Or got their willy caught in a bottle”

Basically, if you’ve not seen this yet then please do.  Especially for those out of counties and those out of country!

The first episode was fantastic – in that the way it showed the stresses of Control was, in my opinion, bang on!  Utterly brilliant.  But I think it’s early days to show how the road staff get on with work life and I’m quite excited for tonight’s episode – which is on at (UK time) 21:00.  BBC One.

I’m also reliably informed that one of the episodes will show the JRU shifts in full swing.  Capital!

So, get watching and I hope you all enjoy


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