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  1. Hello,
    I am reading your great book: More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea.
    On page 105, you write about Green calls, and at the end of book, you write about
    amber calls.
    I found the explanation of Green calls, amber calls, and red calls on NHS Wales site. So those colour calls are used in Wales.
    I think your books is a story of London Ambulance Service. The Colour System (Green call, Amber calls, and Red calls) is used in London?

    • Ha ha sorry but wrong blogger. But in answer – I don’t think anyone officially uses that colour system any more (but I can’t answer for every trust in the UK). It’s all based on Category calls eg Cat 1, Cat 2 Cat 3 etc. But still has same punch as the colour system. Hope that helps

  2. I have just been read your book more blood sweat and tears and felt strongly enough to contact you . I ask that next time you enter a nursing home you do so with an open mind and not expecting the worst. As a nursing home nurse I am actually quite offended at your attitude towards us but that is is besides the point . what I really wanted to say was . I am proud to work in nursing homes I am proud to be the family that some people don’t have .I am proud to be the one holding there hands through the rough times and advocating for them when they need it . not all care home are as bad as you believe and like the ambulance service we too have shortness of staff and not enough resourses and we do the best that we can with them. I have worked with many highly trained and multi skilled nurses throughout the years and all in this environment . we care for theses vunerble adults and support them some times until there dieing days . and yes at times someone dies and no ressusitation is attempted due to a respect form or a dnr .but you know this and just left that bit out. I have had many many crews walk in like yourself with the same negative view or nursing homes and im telling you now it impacts there treatment because of course they are dehydrated because we don’t give them drinks or constipated. they are treated for that and no other tests carried out because of assumption . and 9 times out of ten there is as we have said something really physically wrong . so who suffers the patient dose and all because of assumption . im sorry if this sounds like a rant actually no im not. but if I did not talk to you I would have let this chip away at me like I do when complaints are made unfairly about staff who are working there fingers to bone and quit frankly leaving there 12 hour shifts on there knees . feel free to contact me to discuss this further if you wish. like you we get paid next to nothing and we do it for the love hell I could be a pole dancer

    • Hiya. First up, apologies for not getting back sooner. Second, I didn’t write that book. Third, I’m completely with you in unison. We stand united in our suffering. You guys rock

  3. I love this sight! Well done! Could you give me some of your lingo for when you check someones pupils and what the terms mean. I need to give someone a concussion in my story and I want to use realistic terminology. I.e.fixed and dilated, blown, sluggish…that kind of stuff.

    You seem to be from a country that doesn’t have Trump as a president (congratulations) so not sure if the lingo is the same but I’ll take what ya got.

    okey dokey then! Thanks.

  4. Hi Binder, I’m Andy Greenberg, a WIRED Magazine reporter hoping to get in touch. (The contact form on this page seems to be broken.) I’m at agreenberg [at] if wouldn’t mind sending me a note. Thank you!


  5. Can I add a couple of lingo terms please:

    END OF SHIFT – PUBOFO – park up, book off , … fook off lol

    F.O.T.H.O. Fuckwitt Of the highest order

  6. Hello,

    I have a few questions as I will be starting my paramedic degree in September, Is there anyway I could personally message you

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