Other blogs/websites of interest

This is my (growing) list of blogs and websites I personally think are of genuine interest and worth look at.

The Broken Paramedic

Written by Mat Westhorpe.  This blog is constantly well written – and covers issues that I neither have the skill, nor mindset to cover . . . let alone the balls or knowledge.  There are and always will be issues within the Ambulance Service that need to be addressed should we want to have the bare minimum acceptable healthcare service in this country.  Mat hits the subjects hard and addresses everything that is of concern to us all . . . and speaks where the rest of us are unable.

He also has a Facebook part to this.  Worth a read every time!

UK Cop Humour

This is a facebook page that has always raised a smile on my face.  Never fails to deliver.  Written and updated by someone in London’s finest Met Police it is clearly meant to touch on the “lighter” side of the dark humour that the Police have to face day in day out.


Every now and then I come to this blog for a read.  Really well written – often sad but poignantly so.  Good style.

Trying My Patients

This is an equally gentle blog written by Ella Shaw.  I like this one as it’s not self centered, and doesn’t necessitate the need to overindulge in the serious side of issues in this job.   By far this blog is underrated and needs more attention.

David Thorne

Not related to medicine in ANY WAY.  But every time I need to be cheered up, I go to this site.  David Thorne became (in)famous for his email “battles” using well aimed sarcasm and outrageous abuse of his targets.

Always, worth a look at and good starting points would be the famous works such as Overdue Account or Missing Missy  Then slowly work your way through the countless others before buying the books.

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