One thing I’ve been pleased with is the friendliness and co-operation of most of the staff toward the Ambulance Service whilst on Hospital placements.

This week I’ve been in theatres gaining experience in placing LMA’s and also, more cannulations!

Before you’re allowed into the department however, you need to change into scrubs.  They then give you a hair net thing to put on and ask you to change into hospital shoes.  As I didn’t have any they pointed to a large pile of white shoes and said “help yourself”.  I made sure I found a pair that didn’t have anyone’s name or initials on and used them throughout the week.

So, throughout the week all the Doctors and Consultants have been really friendly, helpful and patient and it has been a joy to get some valuable teaching from them.  All bar one . . .

I stood at the Anaesthetist’s door waiting to ask the Leading Consultant if I could LMA their patient.  He was talking with a Junior Doctor and eventually noticed me standing by.  He looked me up and down and read my ID.

“And . . . you are . . . Binder Smiff.  Student Paramedic.  So, you’re here to get some LMA’s yes?”
“Yes sir.  If possible”
“Well.  When you come in here you should be wearing your OWN shoes!  Those are MINE!  I’ve just spent the last half hour trying to find them!”
Ah, I thought, this is awkward.  I tried to think of a witty response or how to explain that I’d been told to wear them but quickly concluded there was no point.  This man had made up his mind about me there and then.
“Well, I guess that’s set things off on the wrong foot eh”  The irony was lost.
“Indeed.  You’ll not be doing LMAs here.”  He then turned back to his conversation with his Junior Doctor.
“Yes.  I guess not”

I walked off back to the changing rooms seething with rage.  I found another pair and went and had a cup of tea.  Later I told my plight to one of the sisters.

“Yeh,” she said, tilting her head to one side as if remembering something “yeh, he can be a bit grumpy that one.  Best avoided I reckon.”
I let my shoulders drop.
And went home.