Bag Day

After all the hospital placements are done there is “bag day”.  This is your last day back at training school to complete admin and receive your Paramedic bag.

The day was rather uneventful but it was good to catch up with classmates and relive tales of disastrous moments in different hospital departments.  I mainly got quizzical looks when I asked other folk to tell me about thier awkward moments.  And after several embarrassing pauses I tended to move the conversation on to other things.

After the day was done we all gathered in the local pub where many drinks and mirth was had to celebrate completion of our course.  I had promised I would not drink that night but that lasted less than 30 minutes when I bought the first round of (many) Jägerbombs.

The evening went on and recollection became dimmer and dimmer until I decided to staggered home.  In two days time I would be starting my mentoring period where I would be putting my newly aquired paramenace skills into practice whilst my registration was being sorted.

For now though, I needed my bed.  Or the big white microphone – I hadn’t quite decided at that point.