Get some lights!

London really is an fantastically interesting place.  It never ceases to amaze me how blinkered the self perpetuating public can be.

I was driving home at night after a long shift and was waiting to pull out of a junction.  Thinking my way was clear I started pulling out and then slammed on the anchors as a black woman, dressed in clack clothes on a black push bike with no lights and using a mobile phone cycled past.  The lights of other cars had made her practically invisible to view.

As she rode past I caught her attention and pointed at her bike mouthing the words, “Get some lights!”

She moved the hand holding the phone down to the handle bars and with the other stuck her middle finger up at me and shouted back, “FUCK OFF!” . . . and promptly swerved into the traffic trying to avoid her.  Oblivious to the beeping horns around her she continued on her way.

. . . wonder if we’ll meet up some time.



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