I should just keep looking forward . . .

I’m riding my bike a bit more now and you soon forget how hated you generally are on the road for doing so.

To reduce the chances of a) pissing off car drivers and b) getting myself killed I wear all the appropriate attire and use twice the amount of lights.  I even use my high visibility jacket as a rucksack cover as it’s reflection properties are awesome.  And on top of that I always stop at lights and generally (I believe) don’t ride like a dick.

One thing I guess I’ve still to learn is not to poke my nose into other peoples’ business . . .

I was on my way back earlier today from a wee bit of shopping and had stopped at some lights behind some cars.  Next to me on my right was a people carrier also waiting for the lights.  In the back were six kids, none of which strapped in and in the front passenger seat was a woman holding a new born baby in her arms.

I had to double take as this sort of thing infuriates me.  But my look of disdain must of been obvious as the man driving it gave me the filthiest look and, pressing a button beside him, wound down the near side rear window.

“What the fuck are YOU looking at!”  was the joyous greeting I received.

Seeing as I had now been graciously invited to bring my views and opinions to an intelligent conversation I decided to point out my concerns.

“I’m just spying the wee baby in the front seat and how she’s not strapped in, or the oth-”  I was cut off before being able to finish.

“Fuck off!  It’s none of your fucking concern what the fuck I do!  Go fuck yourself you CUNT!”

Charming.  I’d like to have let him know that it might end up my concern if he had a crash and myself or one of my colleagues had to come and help.  I also wanted to ask if him if he’d be telling me to “fuck off” then?  But sadly, the lights went green and he swung his car out aggressively to move forward . . . straight into the path of some oncoming traffic.  A head on collision was only avoided by the other driver’s quick thinking action of stopping.

Cringing, I got back on my bike and headed off.

Maybe next time, I should just keep looking forward and ignore what’s going on around me.


4 thoughts on “I should just keep looking forward . . .

  1. Or better still get the number plate and report them, that kind of behaviour is beyond stupid and surely illegal ? and from his reaction I’ll bet it’s the norm for his family.

    • I’m reckoning it’s becoming more of a norm in London in general. See it often. Reporting is pointless as the Met Police are swamped with crimes and silliness. In the utopian world, it would be cracked down on but sadly in reality it just keeps happening eh.

  2. Nah, you were right to point this out despite the tirade of abuse you had to suffer.

    For starters you were only acting as a concerned citizen. The children (especially the baby) are unable to decide for themselves whether they are safe or not and so it is our responsibility in society to look out for our fellow citizens (young or old)

    Also, as a you rightly pointed out, prevention is better than the cure so I would rather not be ‘picking up the pieces’ so to speak at their RTC due to ignorance & stupidity
    when it could all have been easily prevented.

    And surely it’s against the law? I would have been happy reporting them to the police for endangering children’s lives. They have no right to put children in danger whether their own or others.

    BTW. I expect the reason for his behaviour is that he knew he was in the wrong, felt guilty but had no emotional capacity to deal with the feedback so adopted the all to common approach of defensive and abusive behaviour (the lowest form of communication!).

    Well done to you for thinking and acting this way – if only there were more people who thought like this we might be a slightly better society.

    At least he didn’t spit at you!

    • You’re right, at least there wasn’t another spitting.

      I think if I’d have pursued this further he’d have gotten out of his car to confront me . . . and I’d have had to result to my self defense tactics of covering my face and pleading, “NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE”.

      That would have learned him.

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