Guest blog

I had the personal good fortune in being contacted by a fellow ambulance blogger, Ella Shaw a wee while back. 

Ella writes a similar satirical blog to mine (albeit, probably more wittier and definately more popular!  I’M NOT BITTER!!!)  

Anyway, as such we got chatting – and climbing – and decided to write a guest blog for each other . . . I went first.  So, here’s the link to that entry . . . .

Super Strength Batteries . . . for all those who havn’t read it already.  Hope you like and hopefully soon, if the rope doesn’t “accidently” snap from climbing, Ella will write one back.


2 thoughts on “Guest blog

  1. Since your guest blog on Ella’s turf I’ve been slowly working my way through your entries and I’m finally up to date. Great writing, can’t wait for more 🙂

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