Update – at long last!


It has been a while.   A looong while.  And yes, there are good explanations to the lack of entries.  And explanations you will get, along with great stories/anecdotes/twists of truths/and downright lies.  But the main thing is, I have moved.  I am no longer in the LAS.  I have now moved somewhere up North.  Don’t worry, I’ll write about it soon.  But as you can probably imagine, it’s been hectic.

For now, stand by on the next entry as I begin to write it . . . . it’s a long one, but will do for a re-starter/re-boot to the blog.

I have dozens and dozens of blogs to write still of the times in London so they’re not going to stop.  And now I’ll have the new “up-north” ones too.  So, stand by . . .


PS Apologies but thanks for the patience

5 thoughts on “Update – at long last!

  1. It’s been along while fella and welcome back North.

    It sure aint “the city” but I’m sure you’ll have some interesting tales to tell never-the-less.

    • Hey up Ross. Thanks dude. Have driven past near where you live a few times too so will need to hook me thinks

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