Update . . .

So, I’ve just caught up with loads of comments people had placed. So, they’re all responded to.

I’m also currently getting my guru buddy from Webholism.com to sort my contact form thing out, as well as everything else. Basically, he’s sorted the technical side of this blog from day 1.

I’ve been away from the blog for a loooong time and am slowly getting back into the wants and desires to write! I’ve been working on ambulances solidly for last 2 months and confidence has been flowing back.

So, within a week I hope to have couple of blog posts up as a gentle move back into the game.

The blog is going to take on three different angles over time. First will be ongoing Paramedic fun and giggles as they happen. Second will be shits and giggles of my ongoing escapades as an ECP/Paramedic Practitioner working in Urgent and Primary care – a whoooole different ball game. But at least the lesser breed of mortals, Nurses, will be able to relate more. And lastly, I want to try and introduce a section by section written fictional story. Not too sure how this will work, but ideally would involve posting a chapter at a time – perhaps. We’ll see

For now, stand by, I’ve got a lot of updating to do and can’t wait to get back into it.

Love, light and peace


7 thoughts on “Update . . .

  1. Good to have you back fella. Have missed the blogs but know how much has been going on.

    Like the new ideas and looking forward to some stories……

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