Update to circumstances

Apologies for huge delay in writing . . . the usual writers block mixed with a change of circumstances.

I’m now working on the car.  So, most of my posts from now on should be FRU related.  But I still have a back log of some jobs from working on the truck to put up.  This means there will be an overlap of some entries in the next couple weeks.

Obviously, Marvin, my crew mate of over a year, has been very upset by this change of circumstances.  I texted him recently to ask if he was missing me (this was whilst he was doing a shift with an Irish paramenace.  His text back said that he did miss working with me – but only because working with me he wouldn’t have to use subtitles to understand anything said.

This new position is potentially permanent so we’ll see how it goes for now.  The interesting thing is, I get to “patrol” different areas of London so hopefully the blog entries will be more varied – compared to the Normal For Hackney type incidents I usually rant about.

Still, as I’ve said, there’ll be an overlap of entries coming up meaning the chronology will be out of sync at first.  However, I’m sure it will sort itself out in the long run.

Stand by.