Only in London

I’d say there are two types of ‘surreal’.  Large, blatant surreal and gentle surreal.  This entry was gentle surreal.

On an extremely busy city center street, a homeless paranoid schizophrenic patient sits outside a packed MacDonalds.  His back leans against the glass front window, his head rests inches away from the feet of customers scoffing away at their lunch time MacMeals.

Our patient drifts in an out of consciousness due to a large amount of Methadone he’s recently drunk.  And as he drifts off once again, the half finished roll-up that he’d been working on for the past half hour, slips from his thick fingers and onto his sleeping bag wrapped about him.

Everyone who wanders past gives a sidewards glance and continues on their way.  Kids, not knowing any better, stop and stare wide eyed.

I reach down, pick up the remains of his rollie and continue to make it for him.  As I do so a man walks past walking his ferret and gives us a wink.

Taking the "dog" for a walk

Only in London I guess.