A student’s decree – “just one more chance, please”

This is a little poem that’s been sitting on the back burner for quite a while now – thought it about time to get it finished and put out there.  Dedicated to all those starting out who might think it’s all too easy . . . don’t be overconfident, be humble always.

You’re young and fresh, so bright and keen, your eagerness sets a pace,
And as a newbie, with a sense of good, it’s all a competitive race.

Every question in class your hand is up, you want to be first, you want to be greedy,
Cos you know the answer, it’s right there in your head, “come on!” you say, “It’s easy”.

But every time, you get it wrong, and every time you give this decree,
“Just one more chance, please” you know the answer, and next time round you get it – see!

The class shake their heads, they’ve clocked you alright, how long do you think you can last?
But to you, you’re oblivious, naturally ingenious, destined to save lives super-fast.

And thus, through Uni your journey continues, over and over you repeat the phrase,
“Just one more chance please” the examiners hear, as their expressions begin to glaze

Through every placement and every exam, the mentors you fail to appease,
Yet you beg your way through to stay on the course with, “Just one more chance, please”.

So, somehow you manage to scrape your way through, pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes,
“Just one more chance, please” now your trademark phrase, and the last few years all lies.

But now you’re here, you’re out on the road, epaulettes all sparkly and bright,
First day of your career, with you on the board, no one around to hold your hand tight.

And lo and behold the first job you receive, is a 50 year old, cardiac arrest,
You race to the job and arrive on scene first, and desperately do your best.

You fumble with basics, stammer your commands, and forget all you thought you knew,
And to make matters worse, the family scream, and tear your soul in two.

Never before have you wished so much for something to end so soon,
Your voice starts to falter, your blinkers close in and you feel on the dark side of the moon.

And so others around you take over your role, to become the lead medics on scene,
You’re ordered aside, and given simple roles, to help you blend back in the team.

But sadly the outcome is all too familiar, the patient is ‘called’ where they fell,
The wailing continues and your tears start to fall, this is all starting to feel like hell.

And as you stare, at the patient’s side, you hear yourself utter your phrase,
“Just one more chance, please” this time barely a whisper, and said through a tear stained haze.

And the deafening silence that strangles your mind, you repeat it again in fear,
But all you get is a hand on your shoulder as a medic whispers in your ear.

Their voice is strong, both gentle and cruel, and the words seal the final vow,
“I’m sorry my friend, you’re a paramedic . . . there’s only one chance now”.



2 thoughts on “A student’s decree – “just one more chance, please”

  1. Please keep updating binder! Been reading since 2012, I hated that there were only 9 posts throughout 2015!

    Keep up the fantastic work&hand the blogs


    • So did I Adam, felt wrong!

      Don’t worry though, there will be more – once I can sort the time vs effort thing! Answers on a post card . . .

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