Advice for students wanting to become a Paramedic

Over time, various folk have contacted me asking for advice on starting their career as a Paramedic.  I always find this odd.  I would have thought by my mad ramblings laid down in previous blogs, it was obvious that I’m a bumbling, kak-handed, accident prone disaster movie just waiting to happen.  Why on earth folk would expect me to be able to dish out sound advice is beyond comprehension.

However, advice people have asked for and advice has been given.  I’m never too sure it was the sort of advice folk wanted but I gave it a go.  Anyway, someone recently suggested it a good idea to write a blog on it – so I have.  But only a short one.  With not much advice.  More a statement.  Or a warning.  You decide . . .

Your "insert relevant country/county of orgin here" Ambulance Service needs you Continue reading

Here’s my doodle . . .

I’m a day dreamer and a doodler.  Generally, any piece of paper placed in front of me will end up scrawled all over with a barrage of hieroglyphics, twiddles, cubes, spirals, calligraphy and occasionally – a picture.  An old friend from donkey years back still doesn’t talk to me ever since I inadvertently drew boobs and penises over his dad’s death certificate whilst at his funeral wake.  The speeches were a little dull. Continue reading

Cycle helmets and ghostbikes

Apart from being a superstar and all round general hero gold medalist (and a mod), Bradley Wiggins has been in the news recently for advocating the use of helmets whilst cycling.

A super hero and a mod . . . not a rocker!

I was personally surprised at the back lash of retorts he got for trying to suggest folk wear cycling lids whilst on the road.  It seems that some of the arguements are based around allowing folk to have the choice to wear helmets and not forcing them to.

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What about my ribs?

I appreciate this entry isn’t directly involved with the paramenacing world.  But it did involve a hospital and it did make me chuckle anyway.

I was sat in my local Hospital’s A&E waiting to be seen over a suspected cracked rib.  This time I was the patient and as such I attempted to blend in and hide as best as possible – especially whenever an ambulance crew came in (oh, the embarrassment).  In hind sight I think sitting nervously crossed legged whilst desperately trying to hide my features with a newspaper and hands – as the surrounding public slowly edged away from me as if I were about to explode – was not the most effective method of disguise.

I’d not been waiting long before being called through to the Minor Injuries department. Continue reading